Midwest Powerline Inc. specializes in emergency restoration services. We are a large utility contractor. We build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electric systems. Relying on our own International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and an extensive network of skilled linemen and operators, we can organize and deploy crews of electrical professionals quickly, often in a matter of hours. Responsiveness, quality and performance make Midwest Powerline unique and are the qualities responsible for our reputation as a trusted utility contractor.

When a disasters such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, ice, snow, or wind storm strikes, Midwest Powerline will arrive equipped with the right skills, the right equipment and the right attitude. Whether the task is erecting utility poles, stringing new power lines, restoring ground-level services or installing backup power systems, we have the right equipment and the skilled workers to do the job to the best quality and safety possible. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know exactly what to do and waste no time doing it.

We never loses sight of quality, service and safety, while remaining focused on restoring power to the lives of those who are suffering . Working alone or in conjunction with other companies, our professionals think nothing of remaining in an area for weeks or months at a time. It’s an advantage most companies can’t offer.

Call us 24/7 when you need help. We have up to 60 crews to help restore the power.

Disaster Recovery Services

Distribution pole repair and replacement
Residential, commercial, industrial power restoration and repair
Master electrician for customer’s primary work
Overhead & underground electrical construction/repair/operation
Distribution construction/repair/operation
Traffic Signals & Lighting


Disaster Assistance Projects

Binghamton, NY Snow Storm – 12/2012

Hurricane Sandy – 10/2012 – 12/2012

Hurricane Isaac - 9/2012 - 10/2012

Binghamton, NY Tornadoe – 7/2012

Lima, OH Derecho – 7/2012

Snowtober – 10/2011 – 11/2011

Hurricane Irene – 8/2011 – 9/2011

Hartford, CT Wind Storm – 6/2011

Hillsdale, MI Ice Storm – 2/2011

Athens, GA Ice Storm – 2/2011

Detroit, MI Severe Thunderstorm – 10/2010

Hurricane Earl – 9/2010

Detroit, MI Severe Thunderstorm – 6/2010

Cassopolis, MI Severe Thunderstorm – 6/2010

Long Island, NY Snowstorm – 3/2010

Philadelphia, PA Snowstorm – 3/2010

Kittery, ME Windstorm – 2/2010

Philadelphia, PA Ice Storm – 2/2010

Mountain Home, AR – 2/2009

Evansville, IN – 1/2009

Worchester, MA – 12/2008 – 1/2009

New York, NY – 12/2008

Hurricane Ike – 9/2008

Hurricane Gustav – 9/2008

Salina, KS Ice Storm – 12/2007 - 1/2008

Philadelphia, PA Snowstorm – 4/2007

Davenport, IA Ice Storm – 3/2007

Charles, MO Ice Storm – 1/2007

Midwest Powerline Inc. - Emergency Restoration Map


Please contact our storm-team members for further assistance or information

Louis Monaweck
(269) 719-2230  (517) 712-7487

Brian Monaweck
Vice President
(269) 719-2230  (269) 967-5493