Quality is defined by the customer.  Midwest Powerline has received numerous compliments about the quality of our work, the outstanding communication of our management, and the pride our employees take in our company and the projects we complete. 

“Quality Assurance” requires collective action and accountability. At Midwest Powerline we work together to accomplish our team goals and don’t tolerate individual goals or agendas. 

We practice the 5 P’s at Midwest Powerline.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  Our management works extra hours to properly plan work and projects so that our field personnel execute the work exceptionally.

Higher standards, a strong work ethic, dedication, and determination is the way we generate trust and earn a reputation for safety and quality.  Because of this we offer a warranty on our workmanship.


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Midwest Powerline specializes in emergency restoration services. We are a large utility contractor.
We build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electric systems.