Safety is the most important part of what we do on a daily basis. It is evident in our working culture that our crews know what our expectations are and that all protocols are followed to ensure safe working practices.   Midwest Powerline’s constant goal is to have zero accidents and injuries both at work and at home. We strive every day to meet this goal with the help of our experienced management and employees.  We have zero toleration on all acts that hinder our commitment as an accident free environment, and take a firm stand on this. 

At Midwest Powerline, we preach“Stop Work Authority”.  Every employee has the right to stop the job.  We also teach the importance of 3 way communication.  This ensures proper and clear communication amongst the members of the crew.  The mass majority of accidents, whether they are work related or not, are due to human performance errors. We continually look for new and better ways to eliminate human performance errors,  and minimize where we cannot eliminate.

We have implemented a safety incentive program to reward our employees keep them focused on the ultimate goal of zero accidents. The incentive program, along with daily job briefings, daily safety meetings, and constant updates on new policies and procedures have been invaluable in establishing a solid culture of safety for us to build upon.  We are constantly searching for new and better ways to effectively communicate and achieve higher levels safety.

Midwest Powerline also believes highly in ergonomics.  The way that job tasks are performed can be strenuous to our bodies.  Over time this wear and tear leads to failure. We highly believe that the constant update of tools and technology can aid in minimizing this wear and tear.


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Midwest Powerline specializes in emergency restoration services. We are a large utility contractor.
We build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electric systems.